About Appetizing

Appetizing isn’t just another ad agency or design firm, we are different because we make a difference. You see, our team is made up of people that are, not only at the top of their game, with decades of experience, they have passion. When Appetizing takes on your project we consider your company our company.

Appetizing helps bars and restaurants

More about Appetizing

When someone cares about something they are going to do a better job. Each member of Appetizing.menu is an owner. We have a stake in every detail of making things work for you. our business is our business.

Remember, we only work with restaurants. There are  reasons for that. One, we know the industry.  We have all worked in restaurants. We know what you have to deal with!

Why Choose Us

We have packages of services we can accomplish for you. Give us a call to learn more. If you only want some new photograph of your amazing menu offerings, we can help We also can provide white glove custom solutions, so drop us a line and we'll set up a free consultation to review your special needs.

Appetizing works with restaurants

Appetizing's Amazing "Chefs"

Okay, okay - we're not actually chefs. But we create every day, all love to cook, are entrepreneurs, have worked in restaurants and will do our very best for your establishments. Just like your chefs we will be there to make your food shine.

Jeff Hage

Growing up in a multi-ethnic house made food more than just fuel. Mealtime means sharing, it’s family time, creating, and caring. Food is love. Combining that affection with the passion for photography was a natural career choice for Hage. Over the years he has immersed himself in the marketing and advertising world to learn everything he could. Now he uses the knowledge and skills he gained to make people point and say “I want that!” Which means more sales for your restaurant!

Jeff's specific talents include listening to what the client desires, plying his talent at a high level, success rate and talent, as well as looking for other ways his client partners can increase revenue by accomplishing small changes in their business. Hage isn't just about your bottom line, seeking to increase your top line – his abilities become your successes.

Tony Boisvert

Tony’s passion, at it’s core: is the process of creation. He believes in the pencil, the crayon, the paintbrush and mouse. Designing through analysis and critical thinking energizes his creative process. An illustrator and designer by trade, Tony has spent the last 25 years providing art direction, illustration, marketing strategy, web and print design to many varied clientele. He values relationships built on trust, communication and collaboration – partnerships matter to Tony. In his free time, Tony’s hobbies include teaching watercolor, writing, photography and well…more designing. At any given time, he has 4-5 projects going because there is nothing better than creating something where once there was nothing. That’s the juice.

Douglas Kelly

With an extensive background in design, Douglas started out training as an illustrator and graphic designer in the Air Force achieving a journeyman level in the field. Kelly initiated his civilian career as a graphic designer in 1995 with Meijer. He began the switch to web design two decades ago, but never lost his graphic roots. In 2002, Douglas started a website development house in Grand Rapids, MI called Evolve Solutions.

Imagination is everything to Kelly. His love of food creation started in high school when, due to his mother's illness, he assumed the endeavor of his family's meals. Douglas discovered the spice cupboard and his culinary chops were cut. Around that same time he took work as a waiter, helping in all aspects of restaurant business, from scooping ice cream to doing dishes. He still brines and smokes all manner of meats and vegetables, creating spice blends, researching new cuisine and sharing all with others.