We put butts in seats.

At Appetizing, we help restaurants, sandwich shops, bakeries, bistros, and coffee shops become more profitable by showcasing your products and services through marketing, menus, photography, video creation and advertising. Want more people in your restaurant? Let us help you get butts in seats!

Restaurants Love Us

  • We only work with restaurants: We understand why it's called the HOSPITALITY industry.
    • We know what you have to deal with; the pastry chef called in sick, the cooler is too warm, the health department just walked in, the beer distributor forgot the special order.

Knowledgeable Talented Staff

  • All of us have worked in the food and beverage industry.
    • We love the industry: Even when all things seem to go wrong you have to fix it, move on, and keep smiling.
    • We get that being a good cook doesn’t mean you should own a restaurant.

Great Design

  • We are all owners at Appetizing & most of us are creatives:
    • Photographers
    • Graphic Artists
    • Website Designers and Programmers
  • We understand that your strong suit is not creating high quality photos and menus. That's what we are here for.

Appetizing is different because we make a difference.

When we take on your project we consider your organization our company. We are dedicated to making things work – getting butts in seats – making customers smile.

We want your bottom line to grow. If we walk through your restaurant for a meeting and see a napkin on the floor, we're going to pick it up. When someone cares about something they're going to do a better job.

Each member of Appetizing is an owner, which means we all have a stake in every detail of making things work for you – Your business is our business.


As a patron, it's not always easy to read a menu when you're starving. As a restaurant owner you understand what dishes move most, have the highest margin or you want to focus on. We understand both the hungry patron and the business owner's needs and aim to converge them in the most effective, creative and interesting ways possible to make sure you get butts in seats. It's our focus!

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People eat with their eyes first. Good images can entice a guest to order that appetizer, upgrade to the deluxe version of the entree or have that desert. Using over 30 years of experience and observations we know what people react to. We keep up on trends and know how to use them to your advantage. Images equal action.

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If you want your business found online, the first step is to have a website that Google can process into their databases. Next you have to make sure it loads in all browsers. Gone are the days when you can have Flash animation – Mobile browsers just won't load it. Today, users want a quick loading site that's easy to read and provides the information visitors are looking for. You also need great photography – lucky we do that too!

All Appetizing websites are quick loading and mobile friendly with easy navigation, click to call and showcase what you do so well – your cuisine.

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Other Marketing Options

Need more that a menu? Appetizing is a full service marketing firm focused on the restaurant industry. Whatever your marketing needs, we are here for you.

  • Branding: Including t-shirts, logo design, leave-behinds, etc.
  • Videos or motion photography
  • Web Apps
  • Location based information loading
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content writing
  • Social Media strategy, training and implementation
  • Table Toppers and other marketing pieces
  • Consulting